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Meet Dawn Lee McKenna

I don't find myself very interesting, but let's see what I can make up 

You know, I really enjoy learning more about the authors whose books I read, and I find those people fascinating.


But I'm basically pretty bored with myself. If you want interesting, read my books. Interesting people live there and they do funny and courageous and enchanting things. I find them completely disarming.


Me, I'm pretty much your basic dweeb.


I'd really rather hear about you.


But, if you're the kind of reader who likes to know something about an author, then I guess it would be rude not to say anything at all, regardless of how pedestrian I might think I am.


I am the divorced Mom of five amazing kids for whom I am exceedingly grateful and with whom I am entirely in love.


I live in a small town in Tennessee that's big enough to have a good Japanese restaurant but small enough that you'll see someone you know there.


I am a Christian—flawed, flailing and constantly on God's last nerve, but a Christian nonetheless.


I am a cancer survivor, but all I did was keep breathing, so I'm uncomfortable when people tell me how awesome that is, like I had some sort of hand in it.


I am an unrepentant, unapologetic and irredeemable romantic who is forever falling in love with Literary Dead Guys. They might be characters or they might be the writers who created them. Inman from Cold Mountain. Yeah, one of the great loves of my life. 


I'm a dork and I know it. I'm exceedingly accident prone. I love to cook. I was the last living human to watch Lost.


Yeah, I guess that's pretty much it.


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